Tech-giants Microsoft and Xiaomi co-operating for a new revolution in the industry

Microsoft and Xiaomi have been trying to bring a new device pushed by Microsoft services, at Xiaomi’s Unique Hardware. Companies have signed a strategic framework agreement MoU to co-operate in areas like personalized computing, smart speaker, etc.

On the basis of the agreement

Two tech giants are going to work together in the cloud computation, artificial intelligence, and to co-operate in the developing and production of devices like laptops in order to provide customers with more cutting-edge products and services.

*Microsoft Cortana and Mi Smart Speaker*

The MoU’s exciting aspect from the customer’s perspective is the attempt by two technology companies that combine Microsoft’s AI’s voice assistant Cortana, with the Mi AI speaker in a right way to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

Cloud Support

With the rapid growth of xiaomi in the global market, the company will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for data storage, bandwidth, computing, and other cloud services in international markets.

Laptop-type Devices

Xiaomi has now entered the business of laptops with Windows-based Mi Notebook. The Chinese company said the partnership between the two companies would be more rooted in the coming days. Microsoft Marketing provides support for Xiaomi Laptop and laptop-type devices for joint marketing and channel support to penetrate into international markets.

AI Services

Both companies have announced their intentions, with the aim of exploring multiple co-operative projects based on a wide range of Microsoft Al technologies, such as Computer Vision, Speech, Natural Language Processing, Text Input, Conversational AI, Knowledge Graph and Search, as well as related Microsoft AI products and services such as Bing, Edge, Cortana, XiaoIce, SwiftKey, Translator, Pix, Cognitive Services and Skype.

Companies are finding out only ways to cooperate with specific ideas. We need to wait to see the real devices to know whether the relationship is effective

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