Microsoft launches Fortnite Xbox One bundle With Exclusive Items, Free In-Game Currency

Microsoft recently announced the launch of a new Xbox One S 1TB bundle which has features such as a full-game download of Fortnite Battle Royale, a few free in-game currencies, a few timed-exclusive Fortnite items, and one-month trial to subscribe to services like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. The bundle will be made available worldwide starting from this week and will cost about $300 in the US and Rs. 21,800 in India.

The game is free for everyone hence not worth to be in a hardware bundle. Microsoft says that 2,000 V-Bucks is enough to pick up a Battle Pass which is a new Fortnite season that is around the corner, along with a few in-game items. It also includes an Eon cosmetic set that includes Legendary Eon Character Outfit, Epic Aurora Glider, and Rare Resonator Pickaxe. Microsoft added- “you can find them first on Xbox One only“, which clearly suggests that they won’t be exclusive always.

Microsoft noted, in an announcement that Fortnite on Xbox One would also support cross-platform play along with players on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch. This might come as a rival jab to Sony, which doesn’t allow cross-play on PS4 and other consoles, i.e Xbox One and Switch.

Even after the recent news update from Xbox regarding cross-platform support, Sony has refused to budge from it blocking the cross-platform support, despite receiving much pressure and backlash from players, suggesting that “PlayStation is the best place to play“.

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