Microsoft’s employee installs Chrome during presentation because Edge won’t work

It might have to be considered to be the most hilarious of situations when a sworn opponent of Google had to depend on Chrome for use at a crucial presentation. Although the news would have turned a few heads and set a number of tongues wagging, the core issues of the Microsoft Edge browser needs to be focused here.

No doubt, the Edge browser is indeed one of the agilest offerings as compared to the earlier attempts by Microsoft to present a responsive browser. It must also be pointed out that with the kind of security features on hand; it takes a real do to bring the latest of browsers from Microsoft to a complete standstill as has happened at this instance. A key factor with most browsers no matter how up to date it might seem is that as compared to the different types of applications available on the internet, the backup team are simply not able to keep up to the very minute issues that is bound to be brought up.

In this instance of the Edge browser being unserviceable, the issue happened to occur at a time and place where it became rather impossible to hide the failure from the prying public, thus the whole matter getting out of hand. There really is no such thing as a pariah in technology, and at times competitors do get to give credit to products which are in direct head to head battle. But the present browser wars have taken the toll on maintaining cordial relations between the participants that issues like the one above would be given the whole treatment.

People often speak of the fragility of humans without realizing that companies like Microsoft or even Google are operated by the same set of humans. Thus mistakes must be handled with the proper balance that the very situation does demand and no more.

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