NASA Telescope Captures 15000 Galaxies

Nasa Galaxies
Credits: NASA, M. Montes (University of New South Wales), ESA and P. Oesch (University of Geneva).

NASA, the aeronautics and aerospace research giant, during one of the largest panoramic views of star birth, has assembled an image which features about 15,000 Galaxies, among which, about 12,000 of them are forming stars. The astronomers have used the ultraviolet vision of NASA’s Hubble space telescope to have achieved this.

During a statement, NASA, on Thursday, said- “This image is a portion of the GOODS-North field, which is located in the northern constellation Ursa Major.”

This assembled image bridges the gap between the far galaxies, which could otherwise only be viewed in infrared light, and closer galaxies, which could be seen across a broad spectrum.

The light from the very far star-forming regions in the remote galaxies started out as ultraviolet rays, but when the universe expanded, it shifted the light into infrared wavelengths.

Since Earth’s atmosphere filters mostly is ultraviolet light, Hubble could provide some of the most sensitive space-based ultraviolet observations possible.


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