Google’s New AI-based Search Tool: Get All Your Answers From Thousands Of Books

Google brings an unimaginable pleasure to bookworms, researchers, and those looking to seek an expert answer on anything and everything by introducing advanced search tool “Talk to Books.

Imagine to find out the exact answer to your question in just a few seconds from all experts on a particular subject matter or topic from thousands of books and reference articles, as well as research papers. 

Google brings an AI supported search tool that will scan thousands of books for the exact search term in Google books and present a list of reference books with reference paragraphs in bold to provide you a unique response to your query. In a way, Google will allow you to convene a forum from where you can extract the precise response to your queries.

For example, ask, “What is love?” to “Talk to Books”. You will, in response, would most likely to receive this as an answer.

“…misleadingly called self-love has nothing in common with the real feeling of love” (p.329). “Genuine love is aroused when one person observes another who possesses some pleasing quality, such as beauty or charm or talent, which matches and elicits the pleasing quality possessed by the feeling of love itself” (p. 330-1).

Google presented you with a reference from a book called ‘The Invention of Autonomy: A History of Modern Moral Philosophy’ written by Jerome B. Schneewind

There is a basic difference between a keyword search and semantic search. Semantic search finds its base in Artificial Intelligence, which negotiates with human’s natural ability to converse and the language. With this, Google aims at bringing references that are similar to how people talk in a regular conversation.

Ray Kurzweil, while introducing the tool explained, “developed with machine learning, it uses ‘natural language understanding’ of words and phrases”. In the end, he elaborated, “Semantic search is based on searching meaning, rather than on keywords or phrases”.

So, Google, once again proved itself to be ahead of the curve bringing AI right into your living room.

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