New update to Google Chrome will block Autoplaying Videos With Sound

Unwanted videos with loud sound make all individuals irritated when they are up to some serious stuff. Did anyone ask for those videos to pop up? No then why do they appear like that on the screen? No worries now, Google soon will put an end to this for all its users.

Therefore now in this upcoming year i.e. 2018 all the videos which are in auto-playing version will be played without any audio as the sound distract the users. On the other hand, the video can be also played in another condition. If the user wishes to watch the video then they can click on the play button and see the video. This is available in the upcoming Version 64 and also available in the last Version v63 of Chrome where one can entirely restrict audio from some particular sites they wish to. Some decent plans are being made by Google to block all the unwanted audio ads that distract the users. This will in return give the uses better experience of browsing.

Yes, Google is loading a new feature where Google will block all ads within the chrome browser. All intolerable ads will be blocked from Google end. So thankfully no user will face any kind of surprising auto-playing videos in chrome henceforth while loading their website. Things get horrible if the user is having their headphones on and suddenly these videos start to play.

Google really got serious this time regarding all unwanted auto-playing videos with sounds on chrome browser. This is not only applicable on pc but also on mobile. So if you’re in public browsing from your mobile phone, trust me no user will be uncomfortable further. As we have informed before that these features are not yet live yet and so the user has to wait until they become a part of beta and then they can take full advantage of using new features happily.

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