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Payday 2 Patch 1.51 Update Going Live For Crimewave Edition & The Big Score

Payday 2 is a favored cooperative first-person shooting video game developed by the Overkill Software. The game is the sequel to Payday: The Heist and over 505 games have published it. Payday 2 got a positive response from the critics & managed to score 8 out of 10 in IGN rating.

Initially, the game was released in August 2013. It was made available on some of the platforms viz: PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Windows. An updated version was released in 2015. This updated version was titled as Crimewave Edition.

Payday 1

In February 2018, the Payday 2 title was further extended to Nintendo Switch. Speaking about the game, it features a variety of heists that a user can choose to do themselves, either using AI or under multiplayer mode.

Payday 2

The type of heists that have been added to the game includes the following: Bank robberies, drug trafficking runs, rigging the election, and stealing the smuggled nuclear warheads. Today, a new patch update for the game has gone live, which brought many fixes & changes to the game.

Payday 3


  • The update fixed soft-lock on the results screen after completing a heist with a big payday.
  • Fixed the crash on canceling when “Joining Game” on PS4.
  • The latest update also fixed soft-lock when viewing the “Gray Armor” skin.
  • Fixed the crash related to turrets in certain heists, such as Hoxton Breakout.
  • Fixed the crash caused by a network check.

Payday 4

Fixes in the PayDay 2 Latest Update

  • Fixed an issue where you would gain momentum when pausing in the single-player mode.
  • Cleared the issue when the “Armor Bag” does nothing if you start a level with your mask on.
  • Fixed the melee menu lock icon on the “Monkey Wrench” weapon saying “No Access” when the player has not yet reached level 18.
  • Fixed issue where “Graze” skill counts all enemies healed by medics as headshot-kill, instead of those you hit with a headshot
  • Resolved the issue where continental coins could buy DLC-locked weapon-mods if you already have at least one in stock.
  • Fixed the moving bolt-on “UZI.”
  • Fixed scorpion gadget list to look as if the gadget is attached to the weapon.
  • Resolved the hitbox issue for the tank in the “Firestarter” as the bullets could not hit it.
  • Fixed the concealment value for “Akimbo Jackal” SMG’s short magazine mod.
  • Also fixed the cut wire prompt in “Firestarter.”
  • Fixed input prompt in “Story mode.”

Payday 5

Changes in the PayDay 2 Latest Update

  • In “Big Oil” Day 1, changed cameras to deathwish cameras on the difficulty level of “Deathwish” and above.
  • Base sights are now correctly attached to the weapons (ex. gadgets for Raven Shotgun)
  • Reduced the “Dockyard” stealth bonus to 15%, which was 20% earlier.
  • Added stealth bonus to “Car Shop.”
  • Increased spacing between legends in skill tree guis and player inventory.
  • Heist information on “Hotline Miami” Day 2 is updated.
  • Added missing bullet show trigger in the USP animation for “Signature 40” and “LEO” pistol.
  • Provided a waypoint to the difficult-to-find-ramp leading to an upper floor in “Hotline Miami” Day 2.
  • “Four stores” now have “Deathwish” cameras on “Deathwish” and above.
  • In “Big Bank,” cameras are set to “Deathwish” on a difficulty higher than “Overkill.”
  • Updated “Bonnie”‘s neck.
  • Moved some cameras and collisions so that they can be looped in “Four Stores.”
  • Reduced “Continental Coins” cost needed to continue a “CrimeSpree” to (4 + 0.7*lvl) from the earlier (6 + 0.7*lvl) .
  • Removed an incorrect “Loading Screen Tip.”
  • Updated some translations.
  • In “Diamond Store” also cameras were switched to “Deathwish” cameras on the “Deathwish” difficulty and above.


  • “Night vision” does not work as intended

You can check patch notes for other consoles by heading here.

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