Project OpenWatch: TWRP now Available for Kingwear Based Smartwatches

Project OpenWatch Kingwear

Technologies have been developed by taking into consideration customer requirements and feedback. When we discuss about a product, the most important aspect of it is modularity, wherein all the components work together and give out a single unit of product. Equally important is the underlying software that helps the hardware function the way it needs to.

Project OpenWatch is one such initiative, that aims at providing multi-utility software that can be extended to be used across a wide variety of smartwatches. This initiative was started by BLOCK, in order to release a full-fledged, open source OS, the Linux kernel and Android Oreo Board Support Package for one of the very famous smartwatch chipset in the market. This current codebase, which is based on android Oreo, runs on a large number of smartwatches and BLOCK’s own device as well. This will help many smartwatches have their own AOSP builds and to be fully functional Watch OS.

To fulfil this initiative, the team collaborated with MT6580 Kingwear  based smartwatches. KingWear is a well known brand of China that aims at providing smart watches based on the needs of the customers. Also, the AOSP port is half way build due credits to BLOCKS. Initially, they released a unified TWRP version for KingWear based smartwatches to see how it would fare. Apart from this, TWRP build is confirmed to work on the following smartwatches.

  • Kingwear KW88, KW98, KW99
  • BLOCKS Watch
  • Look Watch
  • Zeblaze Thor, Thor S
  • Lemfo LES1
  • IQ I2
  • Diggro DI01, DI07

Installing this TWRP is also a simple task. Follow the below steps.

  • Use the SPFlash Tool to install TWRP on the watch, using a linked scatter file
  • After the recovery is complete, use the “adb commands” to reboot into TWRP.

Project OpenWatch has successfully completed its first step by releasing the TWRP. Now they plan on releasing the Android 8.1 Oreo which they claim is half complete. They also plan to customize AOSP so that it can fit on the screens of different smartwatches. Their long-term goals include customizing ROMs for Android Oreo 8.1 which is built for LineageOS, CarbonROM, DU and a few others.

We are all eager to see the customizable ROMs.

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