Xiamoi might release Project Treble support with Android 8.1 Oreo update to Redmi Note 5 Pro

A key feature of any new smartphone release is the fact that it is often released with the least troublesome of software. Thus when the Redmi Note 5 Pro was released with the Android Nougat, it was in many ways along the much-expected lines that its predecessors took. Moreover, it was seen as a trend in the mobile phone industry to stick to trusted software and especially during the launches and the early days.

As is typical of the xda-developers in the field, they did soon find out that the latest offering from the stables of Xiaomi, the Redmi Note 5 Pro is being readied to be offered with the Android Nougat. It would be convenient to put the new software version to use when the first upgrades to the operating system are carried out, and this is the usual practice in the industry as well. This would give the manufacturer the time lead to ensure a good launch that would not seem using the outdated software at any time.

It must be said that the keen enthusiastic of the gadgets world do get to know well in advance what is going to be offered with each device much before its actual launch. In a way, it works to the advantage of the device manufacturers to have this situation as it provides for some free publicity that is bound to produce an increased attention in the very product most of the time. Considering the kind of competition that most activities face and not just the smartphone use, the introduction of the Project Treble Support would be watched for the kind of features that it is bound to offer the user at any time.

Considering that Xiaomi with its cutting-edge products is bound to create a ripple in the markets with each of their launches, the most prudent of customers would pay a good bit of attention to what the xda-developers are saying most of the time.

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