Putting the Project Treble to test on the Android Device

Android Project Treble

Often a key factor that most app developers have with the Android OS is the need to upgrade the version of the app in use when the smartphone gets to upgrade to a higher version of the Android system.

It is the need to take a more practical approach that would involve fewer complications as compared to the earlier system that the Project Treble was introduced. This could be a start to introducing a bit of standardization in the field of mobile phone operations and it’s working. The system being considered does have a number of advantages when it comes to the speed of development of apps and their later versions.

The key takeaways from the introduction of Android P

As with any operating system, a major shakeup of the Android environment is being contemplated with the future release of what is slated as the Android P. This would be a still more intimate working system that tries to predict the action that a set of operating parameters bring about.

Since the Android P-code is not yet made available to the developer community, there remain a lot of unanswered questions as to the finer aspects of the whole system. But the team at Google is more than capable of rolling out any additions necessary to make the system a functioning whole.

The key essence that is the speed of development of updates

Time is at a premium when it comes to developments in the mobile industry are considered, and this would be still acutely felt as the mobile applications get transported into the future. The very need of Project Tremble is to save time and to create a more responsive system. The future developments would only seek to increase the operational freedom and not try to restrict it in any manner.

It is important that technology must be used to improve the ease and functionality of systems and this is in essence what the introduction of Project Treble and the Android P suite aims at doing.

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