News RCS support for dual SIM phones added by Android Messages

RCS support for dual SIM phones added by Android Messages

Android Messages is an application that can support RCS on dual SIM phones. Google has been almost for global adoption of affluent interaction services for quite a lot of living now, having endlessly debuted initiatives and partnerships inevitable to facilitate the opening out of the technology that’s envisioned as an additional skilled out of the ordinary to SMS. The Android platform as an intact by now ropes RCS and Google’s messaging app that standard a rebranding in advance this year is furthermore similar with the standard, although the Alphabet-owned company is at present seemingly efficient on extra escalation this regard quality of the mobile service.

Google is budding a feature that would differentiate between SIM cards in the context of RCS communications, allowing users to only send such enhanced mail by one of the two cards second-hand by their smartphones if they subsequently want to. The set of instructions strings don’t move into numerous added minutiae on the trouble, and it rests to be seen how the functionality will in due course act in practice, provided that it’s increasingly insincere implemented into the Android app. The same portion of the code furthermore references the capacity to look into what time your recipients are typing an RCS meaning and by means of the touchstone over a Wi-Fi network both of those features already being wide. Supported by other iterations of the technology.

If you have a dual-SIM slot, you do not have RCS features to work on the messages, even if you have already added a SIM and are already running from an RCS operator Now And toss them in the end.

First, we made this statement using the tipster truly Monsen. Dual SIM Supported Devices have been unlocked in the Android 2.9.051 Moto G5 and G5 Plus. We Android Police reach JB’s CEO Amir Sharing and Google’s RCS chief, asked to explain the local availability, he said:

“Multi-SIM phone should work on RCS Android messages if you have a data SIM and an RCS-enabled SIM as your default text. Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America are the most living now.”

Android Messages now supports RCS on Dual SIM phones, which is only seen in North America, but only works on the main SIM (obviously if the operator has enabled it). Even if the second SIM is from a carrier using RCS, it can only be sent as a regular SMS. It is not clear if you need the latest Android messages, but it will not hurt you to make sure you’re using it. We have APK in this mirror, or you can get it from the Play Store below.

[googleplay url=””/]

RCS support for dual SIM phones added by Android Messages 2
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