Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) is Getting the March 2018 Security Update

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Samsung is seemingly keen and quick, as far as the security updates are concerned. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) has started receiving the March 2018 security patch. Notably, this comes just a couple of days after the company stated its plans for the security maintenance releases.

Correspondingly, Samsung is pushing out the firmware version A530FXXU2ARB9, to the Galaxy A8 (2018) devices.

Disseminated as an OTA update, the new security patch is specifically deployed – to fix 9 critical vulnerabilities in the Android OS, amidst of various moderate to high-risk vulnerabilities. Moreover, it also fixes 5 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE), in its software. This security update fixes the most severe vulnerability which enables the remote attacker to use crafted file especially to execute arbitrary code in the circumstances of a privileged method on the device.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) – then you’ll have to wait for a while, until you receive a notification, to download the security update.

We also expect that the Galaxy A8+ (2018) devices will also receive the March 2018 security update soon. However, the company has promised monthly security updates for the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018); while the A8+ (2018) will only receive quarterly updates.

Hence, the A8+ (2018) would receive further security updates, rather later than sooner, in comparison with the A8 (2018).

Apart from waiting for it to arrive by itself, you can also check if it’s available for you, within the Settings menu. This way, you can manually download the update, if it is available for your handset.

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