Shedding more light on the Self-driving car from Google


Google was in the news when they unveiled the driverless car that could in effect drive itself around. People took to the streets to have a look at the sheer novelty; something that they had only seen in the Sci-Fi flicks and stories of the years gone by.

But it is no longer a fancy thing, so to speak. It is indeed possible to have a driverless car that could drive around not just on custom-built tracks but through the normal roads of the cities and towns of the world. It is indeed a dream come true for a lot of the people that did believe in the ability of people to make themselves redundant.

The fine working of the system

It must be said that if more than anything, the one major contribution to the success and if not the occurrence that there could be a self-driving car is the ability of computers or more specifically the processors to handle data in real time. It came about as a result of more powerful processor chips and to a large extent by the use of peripherals that handled images and signals in ways that were truly revolutionary.

People are not exactly giving Google the due in this project and it has nothing to do with the actual situations on the field. The corporate wars that are usually fought in the boardrooms have spilled over into the media and in effect bring the whole process into a mild disrepute for the wrong reasons.

Would there be a real self-driving car?

For the better part, even those who see the devil’s hand in the developments of the past few months are resigned to a driverless car as a distinct possibility than anything else. The future course of actions would bring to focus the finer issues that arise when the practical part of the whole project is considered but without doubt, there would be a workable solution to the whole issue.

History is replete with the generational shift to technology and the changes that it brought about in the way things are done from then on. The self-driving car is more than just a car on its own; it is more a way of life that would soon come to an end. The machines are indeed taking over!!!

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