Siri Can Now Send Group Messages in Whatsapp


Everyone is aware of iPhone’s Siri, which is actually a virtual assistant that helps users with information using voice. iPhones have separate iOS updates which are rolled out frequently. In the recent times, Whatsapp has been updated to version 2.18.80 in iPhones which lets users send messages to whatsapp groups directly using Siri, in comparison to accessing the group and then typing the messages.

Way back in 2016, iPhones had the first integration of Whatsapp with Siri where users could send individual messages within Whatsapp using one’s own voice.

Now, this functionality has been extended to groups as well. Not just this, the update will directly show gifs and images on the notification banner. The Peek and Pop gesture on the notification banner can be used to see the GIF’s and images, without explicitly having to open Whatsapp.  This is available from iPhones 6s and further. WABetaInfo claims that this feature is available for iOS versions 10 and above and is apparently a server-side switch.

How to send a group message on Whatsapp using Siri?

  1. Say “Hey, Siri!” command or press hold the home button
  2. Now say “Send a message to WhatsApp group [name].
  3. Now Siri shows the list of groups where you are a member
  4. Tap the group to which you want to send a message
  5. Now say out your message and ask the voice assistant Siri to send that message to your selected group.

This new update can be easily downloaded from the Apple app store on your iPhones. This application update is available only for devices running on iOS 7.0 and requires 166.3MB of phone space.

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