Sony will Bring Android Pie on their Phones in November

Recently, Motorola took its step and made an official statement to get access to Android 9 Pie updates. Not long after this, Sony followed the footsteps of Motorola and gave an official statement about getting the Android Pie updates on Sony phones soon.

The Japanese company, Sony, has always been on the top when it comes to giving out Android software updates to its customers, be it any major OS upgrades or minor monthly security patches. Because of this, the official statement about Sony rolling out the new Android Pie update on their phones doesn’t come as a surprise. A list of the Sony Xperia phones that will receive the update is already out, well before Samsung and Huawei.

With their official blog, Sony gave a confirmation that Android Pie updates would be rolled out in November 2018 to all of its premium devices and the midranges would join the clan during early 2019. The premium phones include the trio- Xperia XZ2 phones, the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact as well as the XZ Premium. The midrange include Xperia XA2 trio.

Sony said- “We always aim for the quickest possible upgrade rollout from the time Google makes its announcement to when it reaches your smartphone. And it’s essential that Sony engineers have the time to implement all our feature upgrades and test devices to meet our high-quality standards.

Sony has been very active while testing the Android Pie beta version on their Xperia XZ2 for weeks now.  It came as a surprise that the testing phase is still not complete and the users will have to wait till November this year to get the stable version on their Sony phones. It definitely will be a surprise to the users if the stable OS version comes ahead of the schedule.

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