The new gestures of very first Android P Developer Preview

Navigation Bar

Thanks to 9to5Google, the world got to know how the future of Android OS will be. This includes a navigation bar which features a standard back button along with a capsule-shaped home button. But the recent application or multitasking button has disappeared. The platform is related to a newly built isolated DNS mode present in the Android P. The testing of the fresh layout for the navigation bar is under the working condition and the new iPhone X is planning to launch this feature currently. This will include the swiping over the new home button to disclose the open application. There is another amazing feature known as the back button auto-hides. Here this feature disappears when the user does not use the phone for quite sometimes.

Navigation Bar

Now Google is expected to reveal the change that it has made in the navigation bar. Along with this, all other upgraded applications should also be noted for the benefit of the users. It is hoped that the new swipe functionality is not an intimidating just as the single-button navigation bar was. There the user found the feature which was related to the fingerprint sensor in the front of the phone. On the other hand, the user also hopes to have the chance to select the navigation bar as per to his wish too. This opportunity should be given to them so that the user doesn’t need to frequently change the actions and the reflexive taps.

Therefore this android first newly developed preview has been out and it is quite clear to all the users regarding the future of the Google’s mobile OS has to offer to them. These Android manufacturers have implemented navigation gestures over the years. It is also said that a gesture-based navigation helps to allow the user to shrink the navigation bar.  Finally the Google I/O is about to come to the market within few weeks for its user.


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