The next thing that is set to hit smartphones: Samsung 5G Phone


There can be no denying the key role played by Samsung in providing not just the handsets but the backend equipment that more or less supports the modern mobile communications industry. It is thus only to be expected that the firm takes leading role in setting out the standards of the next generation of mobiles the 5G standards.

On the anvil is a SAMSUNG 5G handset that is meant to set the standard for features offered as well as user comforts. It is meant to be a benchmark that the handset industry could look up to.

The announcement of the Samsung 5G handset

The Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona was just the right kind of setting for the announcement of the coming of the Samsung 5G smartphone. The announcement by the CTO of SK Telecom, Park Jin-hyo, did not take the industry watchdogs by surprise as something of this nature was being expected from Samsung after Huawei announced the 5G ready Chipset earlier. If more than anything, the levels of competition in the field would only ensure that enterprises develop the latest in technology to stay ahead.

The timelines going forward

It is pure speculation as to the timelines to expect for the rollout of the Samsung 5G phone. But the prevailing view is that when Samsung does come out with what could be the Samsung Galaxy 10, it is going to be 5G enabled. Longtime followers of the manners of Samsung do stand by this general assessment of the timelines on hand.

There have been some limited demonstrations of the capabilities of a 5G ready network and it is a natural progression of the technology to go for higher capabilities in data transfer and improved user experience more than anything else.

The future seems inviting and open to a lot of developments contrary to what a lot of people considered as the saturation level being attained in the development of mobile technology.


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