Best Apps Top 5 Apps for iPhone

Top 5 Apps for iPhone

Apple has managed to retain its charm and craze among its audience no matter how many smartphones and devices with innumerable features have entered the market. However, the fuller potential of any device including that of iPhone can be realised only when it has the best of the apps because that is what counts at the end. There are certain special apps designed to suit iOS; which aims at enhancing the working performance of iPhone even further and provide its user’s more appealing experience. If you are an iPhone user you will thank us after reading as in this article we have enlisted the top five apps that every iPhone user should have.

Now that you can no longer wait to know about the top five apps, we shall make no delay. The following are the top five apps every iPhone user must have (The list is exclusive of basic Google apps and social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others).

In this busy world, it is tiring to read news columns that are extremely long however one cannot afford to do the same as we would lose a connection with what is happening around us. Understanding this issue, the team at Quartz offers precise news digests and summaries. If one is interested you can always go for descriptive write-ups in the app itself. Moreover, the news is made interesting to read by using images,  gifs, and videos. The best part is that one can react and share the posts.


If you are a science geek or is someone who enjoys knowing about stars, constellations, and planets; this is the perfect app. Sky Guide has numerous fun and amazing features for age levels and provides the best experience. You just have to hold your phone towards the sky to know about almost everything you could see on the sky. Sky guide automatically aligns itself to describe to you the stars and the constellations.


It is extremely important to stay fit & healthy and the only way to do that is by eating healthy. It is here that Fooducate app performs its role. It analyses the ingredient information of a product through the barcodes and presents you the entire picture of sugar levels, artificial sweeteners, trans fat levels- things often manufacturer would want to hide from the end user. Besides, it offers healthy alternatives to products with bad ingredients. Moreover, it is linked to the iPhone Health app giving a wholesome aspect.


Facetune 2 is an app designed aptly to make one feel better in this selfie era. This app works wonder with almost every picture. Things like bad background, lighting or a pimple are no longer a worry when you have Facetune 2 on your phone. Facetune 2 has brilliant options that can turn dull pictures into fancy ones. Besides, it has numerous filter options to choose from.


It is the best platform to learn new languages. Duolingo app is designed with a game theme to keep the users engaged and motivated. Interestingly, there is a chatbot where the users can converse using the new language learned. There are periodical reports and reward to keep a check on the progress. Above all, the app has over 30 languages to choose from.


Now that we gave you a brief description of the top five apps that every iPhone user go ahead, download them and have a whole new experience with your iPhone.

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