Uber Gets Uber Payment Feature For Indians to Ease Travel Woes

Uber India has added a new feature to their payment procedure. This time Uber India will hold user’s account before the trip begins. The company has now added a feature, which will hold the user’s non-cash payment method whenever requested for a trip.

Well, this step will enable the cab company to confirm the user’s account details – whether active or inactive or if there are sufficient funds available for the trip.

This complete authorization procedure works in four steps. It starts from the point when you request for a trip with the company, Uber will hold for an authorization to the user’s card, which will ensure the payment of an amount that will cost the user in the trip forward. After the trip is completed and the user reaches the destination, the amount charged for the trip will change to final charge and money will be debited from your account.

Once the cab company puts a hold on your card, the account of the user will show as “pending” and will change to final charge until the trip is over.

The question arises, what if there are no sufficient funds in the user’s card or the amount reaches above the balance, the payment status will show “fail” and then the user will have to make payment through other mode or will have to change the card.

The feature of upholding a user card will only be possible before the journey begins. As mentioned after the hold the amount will show as a pending charge in the user account. Further depending on the bank services the user will receive a message from the bank.

It will be the pending charge that will be converted into the final amount once the trip is ended. The user from his end can check the bank account if the amount deducted by the company is equal to the final charge or not.

If the payment status fails by any means, the user can add new payment mode. Also, if the user supposedly cancels the trip, the cab company will immediately cancel the authorization.

However, in the recent development, CNBC reports that SoftBank sources suggest to mulls merger of Ola & Uber’s India ops.

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