Unofficial LineageOS 15.1 to First Generation Android One Devices brings Android 8.1 Oreo Go

LineageOS Android Go Edition

The official release of LineageOS 15.1 is yet not available. However, the developers of LineageOS are working hard on it. Meanwhile, the maintainers are releasing the unofficial builds for the users to try. The first generation Android One devices, which is also sometimes referred as Sprout within the maintainer community already have an unofficial build available for it. varun.chitre15, XDA Recognized Developer, earlier uploaded an alpha build of LineageOS 15.1. This built will bring the Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition for the mentioned devices.

But what is Android Oreo Go Edition? Well, it is nothing but a special build of Android 8.1 which is designed to operate on the low-end devices. The Android Oreo Go Edition has special build configuration, and it comes with Android Go-optimized application that can smoothly run on low-end devices. It also means that custom AOSP ROMs will be incorporated in the ROMs of these devices to make everything smooth.

What are the key components of Android Oreo Go Edition?

The three key ideas of Android Go Edition are:

  1. Operating System: The OS is designed in a manner that a smooth performance can be expected in a low-end device.
  2. A new set of Google Apps: New Google apps are specifically designed for the devices. These apps are lighter and don’t need any specialized hardware specification.
  3. A tuned version of Google Play Store: The Google Play Store is designed in a manner that it will highlight the apps which will work best on the devices.

Android Oreo Go Edition is not an official build, and also, the built is in alpha stage. And there, the chances are high that it might not work properly on all devices. And also, one will obviously face bugs from time to time. So far, news has revealed that the camera is not working in this build. And also, bugs appear during cellular calls and while doing data connectivity. Apart from that, the device is working stably.

Download unofficial LineageOS 15.1 based on Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition for Sprout

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