How to use Technology to make more accurate Sports Predictions

How is it possible to predict the outcome of sports when there are so many factors?

Traditionally, it was very difficult to make accurate sports predictions based on anything other than knowledge of previous games watched. Access to statistics was reserved for team managers and bookmakers, with average fans relying mostly on their own discussions of the game. Technology has made it easier to make more accurate sports predictions.

Read and Research Online

Sports predictions are not likely to be accurate when they are based on personal opinion, and selecting your predictions based on your favourite teams is not a good strategy. Actually, sports betting is all about using statistics and data.

The internet gives fans access to more data than ever before. It’s usually simple enough to gain basic knowledge of popular events by reading blog posts and articles online. A cursory glance at NCAA March Madness basketball predictions shows that the Duke Blue Devils are favourites to win, but also suggests possibilities for outside bets. You can take this research further by analyzing team stats yourself.

For example, let’s say you are looking to make soccer predictions. Reading articles online is a good start, but then you will want to examine historic data for teams, player stats such as goals and assists, and more complex data on team dynamics and strategies.

Bookmakers typically have more data and resources available to make their predictions. There are strategies to beat bookmakers, such as taking advantage when bookies hedge their bets, but in general, software is the simplest way to increase your accuracy even further. Software makes it possible to find more information, and, most importantly, to analyse it in a meaningful way.

Utilize Software

In recent years, the problem with sports predictions has not been getting the data, but on being able to analyse the massive amounts of it. This is why sports prediction and analysis software is now the way to make more accurate predictions.

The software is able to use a combination of human input, statistics, and powerful analytical techniques to understand likely results. Even the fantasy sports game Football Manager, designed to simulate football results, was able to predict the World Cup outcomes with amazing accuracy.

The next step, then, is to get hold of sports prediction software that can help you to make more powerful predictions. There are free and paid services online. The most recent developments utilize AI and machine learning.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate software for your needs and preferred sports, you can follow the software instructions. Usually, very little input is required on your part, though you may want to combine software recommendations with your own research.

The Eerie Stuff

AI predicted the Super Bowl results down to the points. Photo by Voice of America / Public Domain

The most powerful sports predictions now come from AI software programs. Tech company Unanimous AI announced in a 2018 press release that it used ‘Swarm AI’ to predict 200 NHL games with 61% accuracy, greater than the 55% achieved by Las Vegas bookmakers.

The AI simulated wagering equally on its predictions and achieved a 22% ROI. It also made a ‘pick of the week’ for each of the 20 weeks and achieved an 85% accuracy and 170% ROI on these particular predictions.

Machine learning is already widely used. Microsoft is now using it to stop undesirable forced updates. Predictive analysis and machine learning will sooner or later be used by bookies if they are not already, but you can also use software to get ahead with predictions. There are now many platforms available that utilize this technology for sports predictions.

Bonus: Matched Betting

This is not really a way to make more accurate sports predictions, but it is a way to make bets that utilize technology.

Most online bookies typically offer promotions and free bets, and you can use these bonuses to place a bet on a particular outcome, such as your favourite football team to win. Then place a lay bet against that outcome using your own money at an online betting exchange that offers similar odds. One of these bets has to pay, your free bonus bet is then redeemed and you’ll be able to repeat the process.

How Accurately Do You Need?

Sports predictions are a lot of fun. For most people, reading and researching online is all that is required to make an educated prediction. The experts do the hard work for you! For those who are more serious, use software to make predictions. The user interfaces are usually very friendly and easy to use.

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