Viber: The New path


A fair share of Social media platforms is mainly acquired by tech giants such as Facebook and Google. It is tough for a new company to penetrate through the heart of these multinational, multiplatform “super companies” and ensure a stable root in this area. But Viber which was one of the major players in social media platforms is aiming in uniquely battling for the grounds.

Viber was founded by Tel Marco in 2010. Viber provided cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP(VoIP) to its users. It also allowed users to send and receive media files, which helped them in gaining more than 800 million users initially. But the company couldn’t do as well as their primary competitor which is whatsapp.

After a while of experimenting with the crowd usage and social interaction patterns, Viber is confident in implementing its new battle tactic that is enabling “colossal” groups/community which can handle up to 1 billion users at the same time. It is the first time any social platform announced its group chat capabilities to 1 billion.

Viber announced this on the perfect occasion of Mobile world congress 2018 which was held on 26th February. Viber found that its new feature that is “supergroups” are highly essential for the new era of social media interaction and expects more users by the end of 2018. Viber is not far behind the leader who is whatsapp which have crossed 1.5 billion users this January. Even though Viber has a steady user base in many countries, it is not that famous in the US which is already dominated by Facebook messenger and whatsapp.

By providing enough security, fast operation and features that other social media platforms don’t promise, Viber could optimistically grow gradually to compete with other tech giants. The healthy competition between these companies can benefit the end users.

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