Whatsapp beta updates to add an adaptive launcher icon!

Whatsapp beta keeps on updating its features to make it more user-friendly. Some, among those updates, will be having too delicate changes. But the latest update of WhatsApp beta will be having a great impact on the users. As far as we know, in the new update of WhatsApp V2.18.74 beta, it is presenting six tips in connection with the WhatsApp icon.

Whatsapp V2.18.74 beta for Android is bringing an adaptive launcher icon in the latest update. The adaptive launcher icon for WhatsApp V2.18.74 beta is a part of Android Oreo. The latest icon is also similar to the icon which we are familiar with, since many years. Whatsapp had changed its icon to the present one that we are seeing now, after replacing the more shadowy older icon.

It is very rare that WhatsApp changers its identity. But on par with the new Android update, Android Oreo, WhatsApp also decided to make ita icon more dashing or elegant even if you like it or not. The latest icon to which WhatsApp has updated is looking almost similar to the previous icon except for one matter. The new icon looks like it is placed in an encased mask. This encased mask can take any shape depending on the adaptive icons you set on your phone. If you own a launcher that is supporting these icons, then you can now set to a shape that is default like a circle, square, rounded square, squircle, and even in the shape of a teardrop.

So If any of the WhatsApp beta messenger app users were having a complaint that Whatsapp is not adapting to your selected launcher icon shape and it is not looking the same as your other icons in the home screen, you can now update your WhatsApp beta to the version number V2.18.74. This will bring the updated new set of adaptive launcher icons along with your WhatsApp beta V2.18.74 version. This is available in the Play Store.

To avail these adaptive launcher icons, you need to download or update the WhatsApp beta messenger from the Play Store. You can also join whatsapp official beta program to enjoy latest features.

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