Whatsapp’s Request Money Using UPI from contacts feature showing up for some users!

Last month Whatsapp launched UPI – enabled payments to feature to its users in India. This feature rolled out incrementally to all users, Whatsapp is adding more features, functionality to Whatsapp payments with new updates.

Recently some Whatsapp users noticed Request Money option from contacts and UPI addresses. As per recent leaks, Whatsapp latest beta version (2.18.113) on Android is packed with the new feature where the user can Request Money from contacts and UPI addresses. The twitter user @FidatoCA first spotted this feature.

If you want to request money from any of your contacts go head to settings -> Payments -> New Payment and scan the QR code or enter the UPI address. After UPI address verification you will get the popup with two options ‘Request Money’ and ‘Pay Money’ option.

Whatsapp request payment

You can tap on request money and enter the amount and tap on send request. All the request will expire in 24 hours and you can see the transaction in payments in the settings menu. Request pending status will get updated once you receive the money.

The year 2018 is Whatsapp’s productive year, in last couple months, WhatsApp added many exciting features, more features to be added in coming days.

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