Youtube gets new look in Android TV with support of adjusting video quality

Android TV

One factor with YouTube is that it often changes a lot of the features on the supporting applications on the platform. But something that is quite conspicuous is the fact that very little is changed in the Android TV that is available on the platform and this could not be taken to be because the system is so perfect. At times the sheer inertia of the user public would make any changes, however minor, something of an event.

When YouTube finally made changes to the Android TV, it only sought to address the need for a fine tuning of the offering that has seen a lot of users in such a short time frame. From being the more popular of options to watching programs the Android TV is to be noted for its ability to integrate into any sort of third-party application that is commonly used in most of the cases. Thus the changes that were introduced in the working of this enduring of products are a further affirmation that the application could be made better and more responsive to user preferences.

The key factor that makes a product popular is its flexibility and with the incorporation of the latest of changes, it is possible to bring on a better user experience than ever before. It could also be a sign of the times that something as established as YouTube needs to change and evolve to keep up with the needs of the user groups. An added ease of use could go a long way in bringing better utilization of the Android TV not just to those that use YouTube but those that make a habit of turning to the internet for entertainment and news presentations as well.

So it could be said that the viewer has greater control over the quality of videos and not just depend on the platform to offer the best possible use.


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