Behind the Scenes of OnePlus 6T In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Unlock

OnePlus 6T

A staff member of OnePlus has shared the story behind a new feature which has been developed for OnePlus. The member said that they have been working on this new feature for over a year now, consequently spending a huge amount of time and error to pioneer the feature, which is an in-display fingerprint sensor. This sensor has the power to change the way the user interacts with the phone using screen unlock.

The member said that the team believes in delivering the best technology which is meaningful and helps perform day-to-day tasks with better speed and ease. This basically meant empowering the user to experiment and do stuff which the user has never tried before.

These are the few aspects considered before evaluating the technology.

The ultimate goal is that the user should have a reliable and efficient unlocking experience since users tend to unlock their phones innumerable times throughout the day.

Screen Unlock is not just a module attached to the back of the screen. It brings together a wide range of software processes and hardware components which are carefully tuned in so as to work perfectly with the OnePlus 6T.

All of this starts with a brand new optical fingerprint module, which provides housing for a small lens that helps accurately register a user’s fingerprint as it is pressed down on the cover glass of the phone. The screen acts as a light source and helps in enhancing the outline of your fingerprint, thereby enabling the sensor to accurately capture the exact dimensions and shape of the finger.

An attribute named ‘Trust Zone’ that is present in the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 is used, that helps to store the user’s fingerprint information, and consequently serves as an isolated virtual space for the purpose of confidentiality. Whenever Screen Unlock is used, user fingerprint is mapped to the information stored in the Trust Zone that ensures the authenticity of the fingerprint and also helps to defend against false patterns and fingerprints actively.
The amount of time spent in unlocking the phone has been reduced by a great extent. All thanks to the developers of this fingerprint sensor, who spent months reducing those minute milliseconds off the unlock time. The developers also kept in mind to provide a clean unlock animation experience, which is quick as well as satisfying. Various self-learning software algorithms have been used to help recognize the fingerprint that provides higher accuracy as the usage increases. In all, the team has developed a quick in display unlock experience.

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This is actually a milestone in the unlock technology, that provides unmatched speed and convenience.

OnePlus has been trying to integrate this screen unlock with OnePlus 5T itself. The earlier prototypes had a 1st generation optical fingerprint module. This is much larger in size as compared to the second generation OnePlus 6T. The problem with the 1st generation module was that it didn’t perform well and the fingerprint recognition rate was low. It was even thought to use intelligent software algorithms and optimization methods to compensate for the unreliability, which sure didn’t help.  After numerous tests and with the help of the community, OnePlus created two different unlock methods which provided speed and convenience. One of them being a record-setting fingerprint sensor and the second one being the acclaimed Face Unlock feature. After continuous testing and refining, the Screen Unlock is ready to be shared and used by the world.

The team member added- “We believe in pushing the technology limits along with our users, which is the OnePlus way. Thank you to the community for being the guide and helping us create an experience which is convenient and fast. I can’t wait to share this Screen Unlock with the users“.

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