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How to disable Auto sign-in for apps and websites on Android

Steps to disable ‘Auto sign-in’ for apps and websites on Android

Disable Auto sign-in for apps and websites on Android: In the advanced world, there is a huge range of the smartphone available in the market. Every type of the smartphones has a lot of the features and it also comes with the built-in password manager. From the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it is equipped with the smart lock for a password. The built-in password manager is not powerful and it will automatically sign-in any apps and websites.

The built-in password manager lets the users auto-login to any websites with the help of the previous login information in the Android device. If you sign-in into any site on the desktop and the password saved to the smart lock. When you are log-in the same site or app on any other device such as Smartphone, tablet, desktop, and others by using same google account. It saved the password so you will automatically signed-in the website easily.

Google Auto Sign-in

The Google automatic sign-in features work on any kind of devices such as Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and others. The users sing-in the website or app by using the Google account. When you have saved the password from any website or apps on the smartphone then the credentials will store in online and you can easily sign-in the website on the laptop or tablet chrome within few clicks.

If anyone not comfortable with the Google auto sign-in feature on the Smartphone then you can turn-off the auto sign-in option on your Android device. With the help of turn-off the auto sign-in option, you can avoid signing-in on the websites and apps. The automatic log-in turn off feature is very simple.

Step to turn off the Auto Sign-in on Smartphone

  • First, go to the Android device setting and navigate to Google.
  • In the Google, you can click smart lock for password
  • Now turn-off the auto sign-in option

Auto Sign-in

The users should do turn off auto sign-in option on their device. If the users disable the automatic sign-in option then the device will not sign-in automatically into any websites and apps. The auto sign-in option is disabled in the smart lock for the password manager. When you sign-in into any websites or apps then it will ask the confirmation to the user.


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