Check out the distinctive features you need to try with your Google Home Mini

Google Home has its smallest version, Google Home Mini, Google’s famous Voice assistant. It is coming along with Google Assistant, the Google database, that has got many intelligent features.

Google Home Mini was available from Google store for $29 since October 2017. It was available to purchase only in Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States. It was rated well with a reasonable price, compact round shape, and with excellent Voice recognition. It was having a limited speaker audio quality. The micro USB port connects the device via a cable which is a step backward considering all the Google products in the recent time. Also, it cannot be connected to the speakers via Bluetooth.

But Google Home Mini has many more features. We should definitely have a clear idea about some distinctive features in Google Home Mini that we should definitely try out that can be used by all users besides listening to music and doing simple Google searches.

Play Games

We can play real games against the voice in Google Home Mini. Of course, playing against the voice interface might be an amusement only for children, because those pictures won’t keep our interest for very long. Games like musical chairs should not be really that much fun for adults but still, you can talk to the famous web genius Akinator who can provide you with a lot of fun. You should remember that with the help of a Chromecast you can play games that are even more fun. This will allow you to play without a voice assistant and you can opt for good games that you prefer. These are available in the Play Store.

Third-party services

Google Home along with Google home Mini will allow you to interact with certain professional services out of which some work particularly well but more features can be added in the future. A wide variety of third-party services can be accessed through Google Home, including YouTube, Netflix, Domino’s pizza, uber, the Wall Street Journal, and NPR one. You just want to talk to the service by saying its name of the course and that’s it. You can’t buy a plane ticket through Google home, but you can definitely search for a flight information.


Listen to Jokes is a service that is a little more known to all, Google Assistant’s sense of humor. Jokes that are worth retelling, can be used by your virtual friend to cheer you up. These features have some really funny things along with some dry features. Altogether it makes you laugh out loud. To get this feature, you just have to say Google Home Mini, “OK Google, tell me a joke.” You don’t have to hesitate the device if you found the joke was not funny. It won’t get offended because of that.

Set reminders

Even if you have a Goldfish memory we all need to write ourselves reminders from time to time. But this is the story before the launching of Google Home Mini. Now you can ask Google to remember something for you like if you say that your friend is in the kitchen and when you asked again it where your friend is, the service will know how to answer you. Google Home Mini can remember anything and everything that you asked it to remember for. If we ask it to remember anything it will remind you it from that point on.

Use as a timer and event reminder

Google Home Mini can be used as a timer and event reminder. If you easily get distracted by anything you might enjoy this feature of Google home. Imagine you have kept a kettle of milk to boil on the stove, and you got engaged with some other work forgetting about the milk. Luckily if you have warned Google Home Mini beforehand, it will remind you to take the milk out of the stove.

So all these constitute the five distinctive features you should definitely try out with Google Home Mini. Considering all these, Google Home mini speaker is the most affordable way to get Google Assistant in your living room.

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