Google Assistant iPad App; A new member of the app store, Supports more languages

Google assistant

In the app store, there is a new member has been added, Google Assistant iPad App. In its features and characteristics, it will be a different classy one according to the latest reports. This app was introduced on Tuesday. And it’s available in the app store. Google Assistant is comparable to the iPad app. The iPhone app was launched last year.

The main characteristic regarding this Google Assistant is that it’s developed in a tablet-specific version. Google Assistant iPad App support for a large screen and it supports both portrait and landscape. And another new feature is regarding the language. The language available for the earlier version which was on iOS was English. But in its new version number of languages were increased so that the availability can be reached in a wide area. The new languages added are French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Google Assistant’s iPad version endorse the 11’s multitasking mode so that it can run by side of the Apple’s app store.

Smart speakers are now getting greater significance in the techie world. And the use of smart speakers is increasing. And the prominent position holders in this field are Apple HomePad, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. Now it’s inevitable to support multi-platforms apart from their own hardware.

Google Assistant’s accessibility can’t be compared to Siri. The users who like Google Assistant over Siri, it will be a positive move for them. Google announced various new characteristics to develop the voice-enabled assistant more flexible. So it’s a point which should be appreciated.

The next set of features of Google Assistant iPad App are, in this app you can set the mood by the Assistant. “Watch the latest news in the living room” is another interesting option in this app. To set a reminder and to stay in touch with your near ones this Assistant app will help.


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