Google To Teach Coding to Adults Via A Game


Several applications are available on the online stores in order to make coding a fun way children and students learn computer science, however, when it comes to adults those coding becomes troublesome and boring.

Now in order to make the adults learn the techniques and skills of coding, Google has come up with an interesting way. It has been over nine months that Google was trying to bring a change in the situation through a game “Grasshopper”.

The application is still in testing and this was the first time on Wednesday revealed about the game. The game is set to be released on iOS and Android. Time, access, and money were the three main barriers which were focussed on Google. Since Google conducted on the adults of US, the vital issue they spoke about was that they had given up on coding due to the time issues.

Laura Holmes, founder of Grasshopper and senior product manager of Google said that making the application or rather the teaching method into a fun and easy game would be much easier to fit into a busy schedule. She added:

“Many of our users actually find spare moments when they’re sitting on the couch unwinding after work or in bed at night. They’re using those moments to learn how to code.”

Indeed the game will not turn you into a coding expert overnight, however, the game will offer them a vital platform which will make them decide whether they can switch to coding or not with the help of JavaScript.

Google ain’t the first company to offer such lessons through games. Apps like Hopscotch and Lighbot have helped the children to learn code lessons, however, Google specializes only in JavaScript. Google isn’t trying to replace applications like Codeacademy but aims to offer a place where the users can identify and take the very first step towards coding.

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