How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root OnePlus 3T

Install TWRP Recovery and Root OnePlus 3T: If you are a user of OnePlus 3T then there is incredibly good news for you. You have the opportunity to easily root your device by installing TWRP. All that is needed is unlocking the bootloader of your device which will grant you the root access on your phone with the assistance of TWRP recovery. The whole process is fairly simple and can be completed within 10-15 min.

Key points to remember before starting the process:

• Make sure that your device has more than battery remaining for preventing accidental shutdowns in between.
• Don’t forget to have the backup of data present in your phone as all the data will be erased during the rooting process.

Required Downloads:

  • TWRP recovery file for OnePlus 3T  – Download
  • ADB and fastboot driver for Windows – Download
  • dm-verity and forced encryption disabler for OnePlus 3T –  Download
  • SuperSu to root OnePlus 3T –  Download

Steps to Install TWRP on OnePlus 3T
Install TWRP Recovery and Root OnePlus 3T

  1. Unlock the bootloader of your device.
    • Enable the USB debugging and OEM unlock on your device after enabling ‘Developer Options’ by going to ‘About phone’ and tapping build number seven times.
      Unlock Oneplus 3T
    • Go to Adb folder (Usually ABD folder will be in C:\adb).
    • Then open the ADB folder on your PC and long press ‘shift’ key and right-click anywhere in the folder and select ‘Open Command window here’.
    • Connect your device to the PC and enter the following command in the command prompt to boot your device into fastboot mode.

      adb reboot bootloader

    • Execute the below command to unlock OEM

      fastboot oem unlock

  2. Download TWRP recovery img file from above.
  3. Now, paste the TWRP recovery file in the ADB folder and Rename the file to ‘TWRP.img’.
  4. When you are in the bootloader mode, Execute the command in the window to flash the TWRP file.

    fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img

  5. Now, give the following command to boot into recovery.

    fastboot boot TWRP.img

  6. TWRP custom recovery is installed successfully on your device and ready to use.

How to Root your OnePlus 3T

  1. By using the above command you can boot into TWRP mode
  2. After your device has booted into TWRP mode, select the preferred language and tap on ‘Never show this screen on boot again’ and swipe allow modification.
  3. Now, transfer the to your phone over MTP and then flash it.
  4. Go to the ‘Wipe’ section and then tap on ‘Format Data’. Select the option ‘yes’ if internal storage is to be mounted.
  5. From the main menu, install the ‘’ file and then reboot your device.

Your OnePlus 3T has been rooted successfully and the TWRP custom recovery along with it.

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