Magisk v16.3 Released: Fixes issues with Pokémon GO

Mobile technology as you know is mere a drop of an ocean or a tip of an iceberg because there is a lot more goes behind the mobile technology that is added in gigabits daily by the tech fanatics.

One of the major swings is always about rooting your smartphone to make it more powerful or probably invincible. But rooting your smartphone has its own dangers too. So, can you thwart these dangers and get your smartphone rooted systemless-ly?

Well, indeed, if you have Magisk v16.3. Yes, the developer of the Magisk, topjohnwu has released the new version of Magisk to ensure geeks can root their devices efficiently and run all those applications which are banned or not supported until now, specifically the financial apps.

 As per the published features, it appears that running banking apps on rooted devices can be possible now.

It also suggests that those playing Pokémon Go would require Magisk v16.3 inadvertently to play it smoothly. Another feature of this new version includes going around Google banning non-certified devices. The most downside is that Magisk isn’t yet compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ due to issues with Project Treble implementation.

Those familiar with Google objecting to non-certified devices would tell you how important Magisk v16.3 is. The new version would save you almost 100 tokens on Google Play Store once you flash Magisk before initially setting up the smartphone. The new version eliminates Backward Compatibility Symlinks as well as extinct SafetyNet Blacklists.

If you want to taste the latest Magisk v16.3, click here to download Magisk v16.3 and flash it on your device.

Source: XDA

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