New Improvements For Instagram Stories

Instagram seems to have learned a trick or two to build its reputation as a comprehensive communication app instead of merely a picture posting app. However, it appears that Instagram is going to focus more on its co, e features, image sharing and stories.

In order to provide more leverage to users from story feature, Instagram recently made some significant changes in the functionality of the Instagram Stories by introducing many improvements.

As a result, users will be able to upload stories and videos more easily in stories. The biggest change is a batch functionality. Now users can upload multiple pictures and videos to stories at a go, instead of one image of video at a time. However, there is the no change in the time limit. Neither Instagram is thinking about offering more than 15 seconds time limit to videos in Stories.

Even if you are working on a slow connection, you will be able to upload multiple images much more quickly due to improvement in the user interface. Once, you are ready with your pictures and videos, then click on the new the on placed at the top right corner. You will be given an option to select more than one image or video.

Even editing made so easy that now preview shows all the images and videos on a single screen to help you build a theme around stories. You can tap each one of you picture individually and edit with stickers, text, and with other editing tools. Once done, Instagram will follow placesonology to upload all placeplaceso.

Adding location at the right place in stickers becomes easy now. You also can add location to sticker quickly and at a right place. The location sticker would suggest you the location automatically.

A complete guide to new improvement is provided in

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