New Tasks By Google Performs But Precariously

Google Tasks

The search engine giant is not ready to leave even an inch of technology landscape without having registered its presence. Indeed, we are talking about Google and it’s newly launched app Tasks.

As a part of the resigning of Google mail web interface, Google relaunched the Tasks feature on the web as well as on Android platform and iOS platform. The feature is a part of the Gmail interface and would be available as soon as you will activate the new Gmail interface.


Unfortunately, the feature is as cumbersome and sluggish as it has always been. Changes in the design do not really make it as functional as you would your To-Do app to do. It is since Google is known to have a simple and clean interface with clear functioning, Google Tasks may prove to be top To-Do app. However, those expecting it to be super app that can make working so easy will meet a disappointment.

You can create a list or can add a new task in this newly designed feature, Tasks. As usual, add a description, set date and time, and set subtasks if you have. But the feature does not allow you to set the reminder, neither it offers to share the task with colleagues or friends.

One of the greatest strength of to-do apps is the ability to allow to assign the tasks using the same app. However, Google yet to develop that capacity, besides allowing users to add tags.

Google defended its decision of not introducing some of the features as reported in Wired suggesting that the strength of the app is in its simple-to-use and straightforward approach. Florian Goerisch, the product manager; however, noted that more features would be added at the later stage.

There seems a pattern with regards to To-Do apps. Google is doing what Microsoft did, a mistake. It’s trying to simplify the to-do app instead of proving more features. Users normally prefer comfortability in performing tasks rather than using the app. This is where Google seems to fail.


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