Gaming Smartphone Revival: Nubia to Compete Black Shark of Xiaomi with Red Magic


Ever since the inception of the smartphones, gaming phones have been talked about and experimented for. However, success has remained elusive until now. In recent times, we have witnessed a revival in efforts for gaming smartphones. Razer started the process of bringing game-only smartphones with a bit of success.

Last week, we reported the arrival of Xiaomi’s Black Shark, dedicated gaming smartphones. However, we are yet to see the response from the gamers’ community, there is a news of another gaming smartphone. This time, it’s a turn of Red Magic from Nubia. Hence, the launch is setting quite a rivalry between Xiaomi and ZTE.

The device is quite an innovation with a progressive design. It has an angular rear with tapered edges that carry the main camera. Besides, there is a typical feature of the customizable LED stripe on the back of the phone, which is very similar to other gaming smartphones.

Futuristic processor Snapdragon 835 powers the Red Magic. Nubia offers its own logic for using 835 over 845 suggesting that for performance sustainability, 835 is better than 845 at this moment. The hardware is simple. The chipset is accompanied by 128GB of UFS 2.1 storage and 8GB RAM.

A 6-inch full HD display has 18:9 screen ratio and the handset has design comes with no notch. In a battery department, Nubia Red Magic does a little better with a 3800 mAh battery, which is designed to sustain 8 hours of continuous usage. However, compared to competitors, Nubia has a poorer battery.

In order to avoid sluggishness after use of a few hours, Red Magic brings in hardware switch known as a game boost to enhance the performance and eliminate snugs. This is the same feature Xiaomi’s Black Shark offers.

Well, wish to get that cheaper? You can avail Red Magic from IndieGogo at $399. Go get it.


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