Official LineageOS 15.1 is now available for OnePlus 5T

As is often the case, the updates to systems do take a certain time to arrive in the market, and this is seen here in the case of the LineageOS 15.1 too, for the OnePlus 5T handset. As is the practices with an upgrade, on offer are a host of improvements over the previous systems in use, and with the OnePlus 5T smartphone, it is bound to be no different as well.

It is possible to have longer hours of operation as the new OS aims at reducing the power consumed thereby increasing the time between recharges of the phone. Few people tend to pay attention to the long life of a battery but to those folks that tend to make a habit of traveling a lot, either because of compulsion or the situation so demands it, this feature is really heaven sent. Try taking this part up with a person stranded in an airport lounge with a three-hour delay announced due to inclement weather and it would be evident the utility that a long-lasting battery brings the user at the best of times.

There is a factor of the OS that few people have paid attention to and that is the way the system makes use of the clock speed better to perform tasks than the earlier version of the operating system. From being the faster-operating environments, the new OS does provide a smoothness of operation that is not seen in the earlier versions that were released with the said smartphone. If ever a person wants to switch between applications, the smooth transitions could mean the better user experience on most occasions.

There are a lot of people that tend to think that the release of the LineageOS 15.1 is well and truly due. But it is better to end a situation with a satisfied customer base than to bring out something half-baked and have it get rejected by the users.

Download LineageOS 15.1

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