Next Update: OnePlus 6 Update to Add Do-Not-Disturb & Battery Percentage Option, Rear Camera Autofocus Fix

Many of the OnePlus 6 users are trying to get battery percentage displayed in the status bar.

All previous OnePlus phones have included an option within the Preferences menu, under Status Bar, which allows users to have the battery percentage permanently displayed in the status bar.

Battery Percentage
Battery Percentage on OnePlus devices

However, this option isn’t present in the OnePlus 6 status bar settings, leading fans to frantically search the phone’s menus searching for the battery percentage option. Some have wondered whether the battery percent choice was removed to conserve space on the OnePlus 6 notch screen.

Thankfully, OnePlus have confirmed the battery percent option will be added to the OnePlus 6 in its next program update, along with the scheduled do-not-disturb feature.

So, while you can not let it only yet, rest assured that the Oneplus 6 battery percentage display option will be inserted within the next few weeks. Until then, the battery percent is merely a fast swipe off.

If you really want your battery percent displayed desperately, there are various programs on the Play Store that will use a telling to demonstrate the battery percent in your status bar. A passable workaround for a couple of weeks until the upgrade, but something I’d have discovered irritating long term. Personally, I’ll just do without the status bar percent until it is added natively.

OnePlus OxygenOS operations manager Gary C. has confirmed this news in OnePlus 6 Q&A:

Q:Can you please explain why there is no option for Battery Percentage in the status bar?
A: Feedback received. We will support it in the next update.

Q:The new alert slider works handy! However I didn’t see the Scheduled DND feature.
A: Nice catch. We plan to have it in the next software update too.

And also many users reported about rear camera autofocus issues and low call volume, Gary C.also confirmed that these issues will be fixed in future updates.

Q: I found that the sound in notifications and calls are a bit low, are you going to fix it?
A: Yes. Thanks for the feedback. We will have it fixed in the next update.

Q: What about the rear camera’s autofocus issue?
A: We hear you. This will be fixed in upcoming updates. Thanks!

If you are one of the users who is waiting for these updates let us know in the comment section below.

Source OnePlus Forums
Via Gary C.

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