OnePlus 6 Is Coming On May 17

Finally, let us, for you, put all the speculations to the rest by telling that your favorite smartphone OnePlus 6 is launching on 17th May 2018 in China. Indeed, it’s hard to believe, but that’s the truth. According to the official Chinese website, OnePlus is going to introduce OnePlus 6 in a conference at 10 am local Beijing time on May 17.

It was all the more certain when Amazon India launched a page for OnePlus 6 registration on April 22 to provide all the information about the launch, price, and updates. Within a couple of days of Amazon India, the smartphone maker came with an announcement.

Having snapdragon 845 and 8 GB RAM, the company has kept the tagline of the launch, “The Speed You Need”. Relatively new hardware specifications and affordable price make OnePlus the most attractive piece of mobile technology in India and China.

However, the global launch event may take place on May 18; but OnePlus is planning to start selling phones straight away after the China release. One of the main reason for people to go for the OnePlus is its ability to create a design that is identical to Apple iPhone.

OnePlus 6, as its designed was leaked, has the same notch and navigation panel as Apple iPhone X. The efforts were made to have a similar kind of notification UI as well. Besides, there are many innovative features this smartphone will bring. For many, the main exciting part could be the all glass body unlike the metal one in the previous models.

The most striking part is the price range of OnePlus 6. It is surprising that there is no leak in the price of the phone or on the launch date, while almost all the aspects of the phone were leaked. This creates doubts if smartphone makers are themselves the leakers.

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