The Android Brand is slowly being killed by Google

Google has now officially dropped the ‘Android Wear‘ moniker from its operating system for the wearable devices and switched to the way less cumbersome Android Wear by Google by getting rid of the word “Android” and calling it Wear OS from now on. The Android brand has been used by Google since 2008 when they had launched their competing mobile OS, just after the success of Apple’s iPhone in 2007.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system developed by Google, which is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software which are designed for touchscreen mobile devices.

 Google has been on a long-term branding shift after they had launched the company name Alphabet in 2015. This shift by Google to Wear OS implies that any licensed manufacturer which makes a device with their OS for wearables will definitely have to display the “Wear OS by Google” name on it, which ensures the Google brand will be spread much more wider than it had before.

Wear OS now comes with a new slogan: “Make every minute matter.” It is interesting to note that it works on both Android and iOS by which we can say that Google’s smartwatch platform is being given even more flexible moniker which doesn’t limit it to a specific mobile operating system.

This change will be affected by more than 50 smartwatches which had made their debut since the release of the Android Wear. So we can say that Google’s wearable operating system will no longer be tied to Android and will be a wearable operating system for everyone. This change surely reflects Google’s technology and vision for the future and With all these changes, one can suspect a shift with Android for tablets and smartphones in the future. Moreover, we had seen that the Android Pay got rebranded to Google Pay recently and the Google Pixel 2 barely mentions Android at all. A fine-print at the bottom of the page was only found by a search of the web page

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