How to Download and Install Android ADB and Fastboot on Mac

Android ADB and fastboot

Android ADB and Fastboot on Mac:


ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge which lets you communicate with the device (device is connected via USB cable). It can perform a variety of operations, i.e., enabling recovery mode, installation of zip files, etc. which can’t be processed by the normal user interface. Mostly the advanced users use this tool for twisting the device or to install different firmware on their devices.


Fastboot is a system protocol that can be used for modifying the system images of the Android device. In some of the devices like Nexus it comes automatically turn on by default, and on other devices, you have to do manual operations to turn it on. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Like ADB it is similar to the client-server program, includes three things at the same time which are as follows:

  • Protocol for communication.
  • Software which runs on Fastboot mode.
  • Files which you want to execute with the device.

Both ADB and Fastboot are the part of the Android development software kit. For the installation of these tools at first you need to run your device into Debugging mode. Debugging mode is crucial because it facilitates a connection between the computer and the android device. Consider the steps which are mentioned below for the installation of the Android ADB and Fastboot on Mac.

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Steps to Install Android ADB and fastboot on Mac

  1. First, download ADB  installation Scripts for Mac OS X.
  2. Once you downloaded the Zip file then extract the file to a folder using Archive manager.
    Android ADB and Fastboot tool on MacDownload ADB Scripts For Mac OS

Installing ADB by Opening Terminal

  1. Open the Launchpad on your Mac OS and launch the Terminal. or you can open the utility folder and launch the terminal from there with the key combinations (Shift+Command+U).
  2. After opening the Terminal, you should switch to  Finder app.
  3. Now, open the extracted directory and look for the file which is labeled as “”.
  4. Now, simply drag and drop file from the Finder & app to the Terminal window.
    Android ADB and fastboot driver on Mac
  5. Now the file name will appear in the Terminal window. press the “Enter and Return” key.
  6. It will ask for your Account Password after pressing the Enter key as shown in below image.
    Android ADB and Fastboot on Mac
  7. Now enter your Account Password of your Mac OS and press the Enter Key.
  8. Done!! It will automatically start executing scripts, install the ADB and USB Fastboot binaries with drivers, “Nice Day” message will be displayed on screen once the installation is successful.

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You have successfully installed Android ADB and Fastboot on Mac. If you face any issues during the installation process, let us know in the comment section below.


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