Download and Install Gapps for CM14/CM14.1/Lineage OS ROMs

GApps for CM14/CM14.1/Lineage OS ROMs: In this article, we will guide you how to download and install GApps for CM14/CM14.1/Lineage OS 14.1 ROMs. Cyanogen discontinued its project and got transitioned to Lineage OS from CM. Officially, now CM has become lineage OS. You need GApps files when you update your ROM to lineage OS.

GApps (Google Apps) is must for every Android user who installed the custom recovery. Generally, CyanogenMod, Lineage OS, and AOSP based ROMs are not inbuilt with Google apps. Users, if they want to use, have to flash separately GApps zip files.

GApps for CM14/CM14.1/Lineage OS ROMs is not included in this ROM. They need to do some sort of research to find them to continue using them on their devices. You have landed on the right page in search of them.

Download GApps for CM14/CM14.1/Lineage OS ROMs

Gapps for CM14CM14.1Lineage OS 14.1 ROMs-min

Make sure your device has custom recovery options installed, like TWRP or CWM.

It is best suited for higher Android versions. It comes with a variety of choices. Make sure to check your device compatibility before you download them.

Download Dynamic Gapps/ Bank Gapps

Gapps – full

Gapps – Mini

Stock Nougat Gapps

This package comes with all Google Apps

ARM  ARM64  X86

Full Nougat Gapps

This is the modified Gapps Package, It dosent replace some AOSP apps like Browser, SMS, Camera app, etc.

ARM  ARM64  X86

Mini Nougat Gapps

This package contains popular Google apps and some other apps which you cannot download from Play Store.

ARM  ARM64  X86

Micro Nougat Gapps

This package contains only limited amount of Google Apps like Gmail, Calendar and Google Search (Now), Play Store and some other apps which you cannot download from Play Store.

ARM  ARM64  X86

Nano Nougat Gapps

This package only include major apps

ARM  ARM64  X86

Pico Nougat Gapps

This package only includes Play Store and framework files which are required for Play Store to work.

ARM  ARM64  X86

Slim Gapps

Slim Gapps


Download A-Gapps

Steps to Install GApps on your Android devices

  • Download Gapps from above link and save the downloaded zip file into your device
  • Reboot your device into TWRP Recovery.
    1. Switch off your device.
    2. Press and hold “Volume down + Power” buttons until you see anything on the screen.
  • Now in the TWRP main menu, Click on Wipe and swipe to factory reset on the bottom of the screen.
  • Go back to the main menu in TWRP, tap on install and select the Gapps zip file which you have saved in your device.
  • After selecting the Gapps zip file, do swipe to confirm flash to begin the installation process.
  • Once the installation process is completed, You will see Wipe cache/Dalvik option, tap on it and Swipe to wipe.
  • After flashing Gapps, reboot your device from the main menu.
  • Done!!!

That’s it! You are all set with installing GApps for CM14/CM14.1/Lineage OS 14.1 ROMs for your Android device.

DISCLAIMER: Clickitornot is not responsible for the damage your device encounters upon following these instructions.

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