News Samsung Confirms Physical Keyboard For it's Multifold Tablet In Its New Patent

Samsung Confirms Physical Keyboard For it’s Multifold Tablet In Its New Patent

It seems that every smartphone maker is in the race to design a futuristic phone and getting that patented. In November last year, Apple applied for the patent for the design of its foldable smartphone and received the patent this March. Simultaneously, LG too applied for the patent of its foldable smartphone and received the patent this very month.

Now it is time for LG compatriot and rival of Apple, Samsung got multifold tablet design patent However, there is a twist in the tail. This is the second utility patent for multi-fold tablet that is bequeathed upon Samsung. The actual patent for the same design was granted in September 2016.

A second utility patent is cheaper and easily obtainable when the product design is in the advanced stage. Besides, the standard patent for innovations is not accepted internationally. Therefore, it was necessary to grant a second tier patent to ensure product protection internationally for the limited time period.

Keeping in mind the Apple foldable tablet design in mind, Samsung had added a physical keyboard in its initial design and has continued with the same design for second utility design.

It is understood that Samsung is planning to go beyond the Apple iPad by introducing Phablet with incredible design and features that can beat the Apple in its game any day. Especially when tablets are lagging behind the smartphone in practical use given its size and limitations, Samsung wishes to develop something that changes the tablet segment radically.

Samsung was granted a patent for a multifold tablet in with two different design aspects. More like a notebook or booklet, it protects display when folded.

There is a quick view display on the tablet that let you quickly respond to the notifications without unfolding the tablet.

The battle lines are already drawn between Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Book. You can figure out the next.

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Samsung Confirms Physical Keyboard For it's Multifold Tablet In Its New Patent 3
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