How to Install Magisk and Root Any Android Devices [Latest Method]

Smartphones are almost saviours in everyone’s life in today’s world; as they perform and assist in every activity possible. Though Android devices are acclaimed for their user-friendly approach they are both protected and constrained by Google SafetyNet.

Google SafetyNet: It is a software that protects the device from any modifications to the core system; as and when a modification is detected it detects any modifications it blocks certain apps from functioning efficiently. This has emerged as the major hurdle for all enthusiasts who root their Android devices. As a sign of relief for all such users who root their devices a well-designed software called Magisk has come into the virtual market. If you are also looking to root your device with encountering any issues with Google SafetyNet read the subsequent paragraphs to learn how to download and install Magisk.

Magisk is developed by an XDA developer (developed by topjohnwu) and it has become the popular rooting software since the day it has been released. Magisk is a Universal Systemless Interface that creates an alternative system without tampering with the existing system. It is this particular feature that makes Magisk stand out among all the rooting software like SuperSU. By ‘systemless’ it refers to a process where all the alterations are stored in boot partition rather than modifying the whole system.

How to Install Magisk Zip

Now let us get into the actual process of downloading and installing Magisk on Android devices without any further delay.


  • An Android device with Android 5.0+ version
  • Custom Recovery (Install)
    • In this article, TWRP is used to guide through the process of downloading and installing Magisk on android devices.

As the necessary requirements are fulfilled follow the steps listed below:

  • Download the latest Magisk Zip file which is available across numerous web platforms. The most authentic source to download the Magisk zip file is XDA developers web thread.

Flash Magisk on your device:

In order to do so, boot your device into recovery mode. Generally pressing the power button and volume keys simultaneously boot the device into Recovery mode. If this does not work on your device just google on what prompts your device model into recovery mode. Now, as the phone enters into custom recovery phase perform the following steps: 

  • In the recovery mode, press Install button.
  • Search the folder where you have downloaded the zip file, then, select the Magisk Zip file.
Install Magisk via TWRP Recovery
Install Magisk via TWRP Recovery
  • Now, swipe the slider to install Magisk.
Installing Magisk via TWRP Recovery
Installing Magisk via TWRP Recovery
  • Tap Reboot System.
  • Now Magisk is installed on your device

Install a Magisk Manager App:

  • As the Magisk is installed on your device, you need Magisk Manager App to manage Magisk and to install modules. Make sure that you have enabled ‘unknown sources’ in your device settings. Download the Magisk Manager app here.
  • This app allows you to adjust root settings and install modules in installable mods. The Magisk manager app also acts as a repository for a number of great modules that boost the performance of your device. Hence so as to experience Magisk wholly it is essential to have this app.


  • The final step is to verify device system is working efficiently as earlier. The same can be ensured by the appearance of green check marks in the Magisk Manager app.
  • It is crucial here to ensure that it passes Google SafetyNet check. Magisk works through creatively designed software that prevents the google safety net from detecting any modification of the system and thereon from it blocking certain apps like Google Pay, Netflix.
  • To perform Google SafetyNet check, select the “Tap to start SafetyNet Check” button. Your device is considered to pass the test if two green checks appear below the button.


  • Google constantly updates Google SafetyNet to catch any modifications to the system through such means, but nothing to worry as Magisk developers accordingly release fixes through updates.
Magisk SafetyNet Pass
Magisk SafetyNet Passed

Uninstall Magisk/Unroot Android

  1. In “Magisk Manager” app, tap on “Uninstall” button. (Uninstall prompt will show up)
    Uninstall magisk
    Uninstalling Magisk
  2. Tap on the “COMPLETE UNINSTALL” button to uninstall Magisk.
  3. When the uninstallation is completed, reboot your device.
  4. Now, remove the magisk manager app from your device.

Or you can download the Magisk Uninstaller zip file and flash it using TWRP recovery to remove the magisk from your device.

Now that we have explained the complete procedure to download and install Magisk on an Android device; go ahead and install Magisk to root your device without affecting Google SafetyNet.   

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